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Private Personal Training In My Totton Home Studio

Helping People Low On Confidence

I specialise in helping people new to exercise or low on confidence to overcome anxiety and fear surrounding the gym so that they can gain confidence and reach their goals. I educate them on how to best reach their goals the way I do that is by teaching them how to work out properly, efficiently and safely. All in my private home gym studio. Send me a message with something you're struggling with in particular regarding health and fitness and I'll see if I can help!


Not many PTs have been overweight themselves. Having lost 4 and a half stone since my heaviest just after university I’ve been through the process and know what it’s like and how daunting it can be at a gym. I’m confident that on my own fitness journey, I’ve learned the easiest ways to shed body fat and lean up. Instead of putting you on a boring meal plan that you’re not going to stick to long term, I will look at your current eating habits and tweak them so that you can still sustainably eat what you want. Teaching you good habits, food substitutes and great meals along the way. 


In the gym, I’ll have you training like an athlete. This doesn’t mean killing yourself for an hour solid but training smart! By 'training like an athlete' - I mean training with adequate rest periods and pushing yourself hard during the work periods. If you want to look like an athlete, it’s best to train and eat like one. 


Sports Performance

My fitness background all started with basketball, I played at a high level as a youth player but university and injury kept me away from the sport for a few years. After rehabilitation and physio, I found my passion for basketball and fitness again, striving to make myself as effective as I could. Focusing on plyometrics, mobility, HIIT and strength training has helped me and my clients surpass goals. I'm also aware doing what's right for your sport might feel weird to do in a gym with everyone watching, another reason training judgement and care free at my place gives you better workouts!


Strength and Conditioning 

Strength training is the best way to build functional muscle with the added bonus of fat burning long after workouts finish. It'll help with most goals by strengthening joints and ligaments and working on your nervous system's control over muscles. If your goal is to improve endurance and your cardiovascular system then my HIIT / TABATA / Circuit Training methods are also very popular. Often I will mix and match a bit both depending on the clients preferences.



1-1 PT in Totton
My Private home PT Studio

Perfect for PT sessions for people too shy for a public gym. Everything you need and no other gym goers to fight over equipment with. If you want to see and feel results, get in touch! Can train with a friend / partner too.

Forest Fitness

Outdoor fitness at its best! We have a lovely local community of people who are welcoming and encouraging. With freshly planned sessions every workout - you wont get bored and theres always fun and competition to be had. 500 calories a session, much needed outdoor time and every muscle group targeted over the week. What are you waiting for?



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